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Me (in a few words)

Through my academic work and my professional activities, I had the chance of enjoying a double involvement in ICTs’ latest developments.

As a professional, I have had the opportunity of taking part in several vanguard web projects. Since 1999, I have been responsible for numerous virtual communities, I have designed, implemented and managed websites and web portals, I have been tutor and teacher in courses dedicated to web, GIS, e-learning and other technological frontiers. Recently, I started to serve as a consultant for the Medialab of Sciences Po Paris, trying to imagine how digital technologies can renovate the didactic and the research in social sciences.

As a researcher, I have observed ICTs from a more theoretical perspective. As visiting student at UCLA, I worked on cellular automata to simulate social behaviors. As Ph.D. student, I got involved in the debate over computer-mediated-communication, interaction design and knowledge engineering. As visiting researcher at Paris I, I had the opportunity of develop some original research in sociology of science and technology. As maître de conférence at and Science Po Paris, I taught how the web technologies can be used to observe and visualize controversies on science and technologies. Lately as post-doc researcher at the University of Bologna, I started work on digital humanities and quali-quantitative methods for social research.

Mixing professional skills and academic competences, I always tried to be mindful in applied project and pragmatic in scientific research. My curriculum vitae is the result of this effort.