Controversy mapping

How to map controversies
with a little help from the Web

The cartography of controversies is the course I teach in Sciences Po Paris as well as an intriguing research method for exploring and representing controversies in science and technology.

The cartography of controversies was created by Bruno Latour (with whom I am proud to work) and is now taught in several university such as
Sciences Po (Paris), Ecole des Mines (Paris), MIT (Boston), Lausanne Ecole Polytechnique (Lausanne), Oxford University, Manchester University
For more information on controversies teaching, see the website of my course and the website of the Demoscience Consortium, where you can also find a huge database of resources on controversy mapping.

The cartography of controversies is also developed by an international research project founded by the European Union: the MaCoSPol project.

If you want to know more about this method, I have written an introductory article on it: Diving in Magma. I will release a second article on controversy mapping (Building on Fault) in the next weeks, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in mapping a controversy by yourself, follow the following links for a list of resources and suggestions for